Have you actually think of how to proceed when you’re alone at home? Playing online games are usually one of the greatest options. In case you’re somebody who does not like wasting your schedule playing kids games, do not worry! Additionally, there are puzzle games that are intended for adults. These games challenge your test and mind the mind. Today, we need to see what sort of internet puzzle video games that will truly test the IQ.

Rubik Cube (3 D Logic) Have you seen individuals playing Rubik cube? This particular game type takes an individual to think intuitively and logically on how you can organize the colors accordingly. Even though you will find tips and techniques which might help you but occasionally, you have to work with your good sense to finish the game. This game type may be found online that is generally called 3 D Logic game.


Abbreviations Dictionary is additionally an internet favorite game also. You are going to have to resolve the crossword puzzle together with the given hints. Each time you’re promoted to a greater level, the problems are getting tougher for you personally to solve.

Jigsaw Puzzle

One kind of internet puzzle game is jigsaw puzzle. This particular game challenges the ability of yours to drag the parts and create the necessary photo. This particular game normally has a timer to so that you can access the self-capability of yours.


Sudoku is additionally an additional kind of brain teaser game. It’s a logic based puzzle which demands you to run the nine x nine grids. Each columns as well as rows consist of number one to nine which cannot be repeated. You are going to have to pay full awareness while playing this particular game. It’s very hard for you to solve whether you’ve unintentionally assigned the wrong number into the package.